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El Gran Cardenal

Cheese masters from 1.951

Founded in 1.951 by Francisco Martín Laredo, in the town of Torrelaguna (Madrid), where he began his career as a cheese master making sheep cheese.

Cheeses El Gran Cardenal


Latest news, exclusive combinations in search of innovative flavors.

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Queso Castellano

Matured slowly in a wood dryer, turning one by one, the 365 days a year.

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Ibérico Cheese

Typical Spanish cheese, milk mixture of three species, according to regulations.

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Cheese Mix

Made with fresh milk collected on the day, in a percentage of 60% Sheep and 40% Cow.

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San Isidro

Mix cheese made with fresh milk collected on the day, 75% cow's milk and 10% sheep's milk.

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100% Natural

We use only fresh milk collected during the 365 days a year from nearby cattle farms in Castilla y León, without powdered milk, without dyes or preservatives.

Fresh Cheeses Mama Vaca


Fresh juicy cheese made using the traditional system, for all tastes and needs.

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Fresh smooth

Made using the ultrafiltration system, with a softer taste and texture than traditional cheeses

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Ricotta cottage cheese

Made with Italian technology, following the traditional ricotta recipe, with a soft texture.

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International Awards

Our cheeses have received international recognition, being awarded International medals at the World Cheese Awards and World Championship and during 2016 the truffle sheep cheese got a SUPER GOLD.

General Catalog

General Catalog

All the information of our products in our PDF catalog.

General Catalog

All the news for the Christmas campaign in our PDF catalog.
The best kept secret
A secret jealously guarded by the family of "El Gran Cardenal" but shared with everyone through their cheeses.

Cheese masters from 1.951

El Gran Cardenal is a family business, from its birth until today it has been managed by the Martín Osona family, we make a range of cheeses that enjoy great prestige and recognition in the market.

International Gold Medals

Address / Location

Cañada de Extremadura, nº 9.
47.400 Medina del Campo
(Valladolid, Spain)


Tel. +34 983 80 00 26

Fax: + 34 983 80 15 76


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