Legend and tradition come together
in this big family of products,
filling households with
the best traditional flavor.

Legend has it that for many, many years,
existed in the Kingdom of Castile a young monk who was able to produce
"Cheese richer than anyone had ever tasted"

He became the most famous monk of the period and everyone pilgrimage to his monastery to taste it.
Everyone wanted his cheese but no one knew his secret, would it be the milk? Would the care put into its development?
Or would something else?

The years went by, the monk died, and with him the mysterious recipe. No one came to taste that cheese anymore,
but everyone kept talking about his amazing and unique taste, keeping alive the legend.

Hundreds of years later, an altar boy found under the tiles of a monastery an old scroll.
It was the famous legend recipe that unveiled the secret to elaborate:
"The cheese richer than anyone had ever tested." A recipe unlike any other used by cheesemakers.

Francisco, which was the name altar boy, once he had reached adulthood began to make cheese methodically following the steps
from the famous recipe, which has been passed from generation to generation until today.

A closely guarded secret by the family of "El Gran Cardenal" but shared with everyone
through its inimitable flavor and exceptional quality cheeses.