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Truffled sheep

The most exclusive of our cheeses. Winner of the Super Gold Medal in the international World Cheese Awards 2016-17.
Only with sheep's milk from the best herds, we add the truffle from the beginning of its elaboration and thus coexist together throughout its maturation, providing an unmistakable aroma and flavor, respecting the essence of Castilian sheep cheese.

Sheep with oil

Our cheese Castellano de Oveja, winner of 4 International Gold Medals, along with one of the treasures of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil.
For this we use our own oil, from centuries-old olive trees grown in the lands that San Isidro worked with his wife.

Sheep with rosemary

Rosemary is an aromatic plant typical of the Mediterranean region. Its aroma permeates our Castellano de Oveja cheese to give it a smell and taste with great nuances, and it also helps to protect the cheese.
In the language of flowers, rosemary is a symbol of good faith and openness.

Goat with Black Garlic

Cream cheese with goat and cow's milk, contains inside portions of black garlic. This gives a slightly sweet taste and provides antioxidant properties.
Other properties are also attributed, such as reducing the risk of cancer and extending life. What we are sure is that the result of the taste of goat's milk next to that of black garlic will pleasantly surprise.

Goat with Ribera de Duero wine

Cream cheese with goat's milk and cow's milk, accompanied by one of the excellent wines produced in Spain, Ribera del Duero wine (name that hosts vineyards located in Castilla y León).
You can see the color of the wine inside the cheese as it is added at the time of its elaboration.

Goat with paprika

Coated on the outside with natural paprika (obtained from the drying and grinding of the red pepper), it gives an attractive reddish color to the cheese, as well as a very special aroma and flavor.
The union of the creaminess of goat's milk and the flavor of natural paprika is one of the best possible combinations in cheeses.

Lactose-free mixture

For lactose intolerant people no longer have to give up a great cheese.
Made with sheep and cow's milk, conveniently treated to eliminate lactose, we obtain a cheese of soft intensity, creamy texture and slightly sweet taste.
The rest of the family will also like it.


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