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New Products - New Processes - Climate Change Mitigation in the value chain of the cheese industry.

Cooperating companies: 



General objectives: 

The overall objective of the project is the development of improvements in the value chain of the cheese and dairy products industry.

For this, a process of innovation and development is developed from its origin (obtaining raw materials), through the development of new enriched animal feed rations to supply livestock, until obtaining final products more adapted to the needs of the end consumers, increasing the added value of the chain as a whole, while developing new more efficient, profitable and sustainable practices, from which all the companies involved will benefit (Cattle Food - Livestock - Cheese Industry - Final Consumer) .

Specific objectives: 

The specific objectives are the following:

1.- Improve cattle feed naturally by developing new feed formulated with natural ingredients, achieving an improvement in the qualities of the milk obtained.

2.- Improvements for livestock exploitation, derived from the introduction of the new food: lower livestock pathologies, improvements in fertility, nutritional efficacy and milk quality.

3.- Get new dairy products. Develop cheeses and dairy products with greater added value, healthier and of equal or better quality. Increase the durability of the dairy products obtained.

4.- With healthier raw materials, development Integral of new products of high protein and low fat content, specially adapted for children and athletes, as well as new habits and moments of consumption. 

5.- Starting from the improvement in the raw material, application of new technologies that allow to increase the life of fresh cheese in a natural way, so that both distributors and consumers can enjoy a “fresh” product of the highest quality for a longer time, contributing to lower costs derived from the collection or destruction of expired products while increasing the sale of these products not only in the national market, but also in export markets, by facilitating their logistics management.

6.- Know possibilities of energy saving in the cheese industry, which contributes to mitigate the effects of climate change.

7.- Know the possibilities of cost-effective use of renewable energy in the cheese industry.

Cheese masters from 1.951

El Gran Cardenal is a family business, from its birth until today it has been managed by the Martín Osona family, we make a range of cheeses that enjoy great prestige and recognition in the market.

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