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New Dairy Products – Healthier Cheeses

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General objectives: 


The objectives set are the following:


  1. Increase the content of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A) and water-soluble vitamins (vitamin B12), through improvements in livestock feeding, with the development of new feeds with natural ingredients, achieving an improvement in the characteristics of the milk and, therefore, therefore, from cheese and other dairy derivatives, such as cottage cheese.


  1. Improvement of the oxidative stability of the product, thanks to the antioxidant effect of β-carotene, thus prolonging the useful life of the product, preventing rancidity and the appearance of unpleasant compounds.


  1. Obtain data on the benefits of said supplementation in sheep and the effect it has on the production of sheep's milk cheese, enabling comparison with the results in cattle. Currently, the bibliography on sheep's milk and cheese is scarce. In addition, the development will be part of the new PGI Queso Castellano.


  1. Improvements in livestock farming: natural supplementation of nutrients is key for animal feeding, as β-carotenes and vitamin B12 represent added value for milk.


  1. Obtain new 5th range dairy products. Consumers are increasingly demanding healthy and nutritious ready-to-eat products. With the aim of following this market trend, the aim is to develop a product in snack format based on lactic curd together with vegetables and/or spices. It will be a novel snack, easy to eat, gluten-free and with high nutritional interest.

Cheese masters from 1.951

El Gran Cardenal is a family business, from its birth until today it has been managed by the Martín Osona family, we make a range of cheeses that enjoy great prestige and recognition in the market.

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